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Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we have received, if your question isn't answered here then please don't hesitate to contact us.

About Match Worn Shirts
Match worn memorabilia has over recent years become very serious investment. Sales at auction houses have highlighted this on a global scale. Pele's 1970 WC Final shirt sold for £157,000, Geoff Hurst's 1966 WC Final shirt £93,000 and more recently George Best Man United FA Cup shirt from the game where he scored 6 £24,000!! a Bobby Moore England shirt £9,000 and of more modern day legends Eric Cantona Man United £3,600.

Here at YH&L we pride ourselves in our own collection of players shirts. This enjoyment of shirt collecting has lead us into the world of selling. After supplying all the major football match shirt websites around the world, we decided to cut out the middle man and offer the collectors, shirts direct. We are able to do this through our comprehensive and broad base of football contacts. Yes we have more football contacts than any other dealer! This therefore helps us keep prices down and  provides you the collector, with that desirable or much sought after match shirt of your hero or a playing legend.

Commonly used terms!
Firstly we need to differentiate the terms you will commonly see associated with players shirts. A replica is a shirt you can buy from your club shop or high street retailer (or from our very own online shop). Match Prepared shirts will often come direct from the kit manufacturer. Whilst these shirts are cosmetically identical to match shirts they clearly carry no true provenance as they will have never been anywhere near the club's kitroom! Unlike other 'leading' dealers we do not sell Match Prepared Shirts. When it comes to players shirts there are only two types - either issued or worn. These two terms can be broken down into either match issued (unworn) or match worn, meaning you can specify from which game they were either issued for or worn in.

What's the difference between a replica and a matchworn players shirt?
Sometimes there can be many differences between a team's replica and a players specification shirt. But with certain clubs there can be very few or none at all. This usually depends very much on the club's shirt manufacturer. Certain manufacturers make players shirts to a higher standard - a better quality product for the team's players and these are not available to buy commercially. Other clubs' players will wear replica shirts but of course differences between these and club shop replicas still exist with the addition of pro size names, numbers and sleeve badges.

So what is an issued shirt?
A player is usually supplied or issued more than one shirt per game - usually two shirts but for the big occassion games it can be as many as four. By having two shirts a player can change his sweaty dirty smelly or blood stained shirt at half time. Remember that most players do not change their shirts at half time. Some will pick and choose depending on the circustances and a few will change to wear two shirts in every game. So an issued shirt is an unworn shirt that may have hung in the dressing room, stayed in the kit skip or never left the kit room, but still issued (printed up) for the player. A match issue shirt is an unworn shirt which can be pinned down to a specific match, eg indentified by match detail embroidery/print such as a Cup Final, Testimonial or comes direct after a match as an unused spare.

And that means a match worn is?
Exactly that, worn in a match, off the players back. Please remember that most clubs do not issue new shirts to players for every game. A number of Premiership clubs in fact notify their players that they will only be issued a pre-determined number of home and away shirts per season with any additional shirts used being paid for by the player!!! So a match worn shirt most probably will have been worn in a number of games and can only be described as specific from a particular game when you know 100% that is the case. This is the ultimate for shirt collectors, a MATCH WORN shirt, a unique genuinely rare item of memorabilia.

Our Rules
Here at YH&L/footallmatchshirts we have two rules when we buy and sell match worn shirts: Firstly we do not manufacture match details to make a shirt more attractive to sell. If its worn, its worn! We attempt to obtain as many worn shirts as we can, but if we do not know in which game(s) the shirt was worn we will not make up such information. A worn shirt should be desirable enough and, its important to remember, genuinely rare (especially the big name players shirts). Many many players are collectors of their own or opponents shirts and don't just give them away!! Secondly, we do not give out all the differences (where there are any), between a replica and a player specification shirt. Only the buyer of a shirt will be given this information on our comprehensive Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Over the last 5 to 10 years demand for match worn shirts has boomed, particularly since the introduction of players names and numbers on shirts. Shirts off a players back can now be pinned down to certain time of the season or more specifically a definate game. This is also helped by special embroidery or printing of match details on shirts usually along with the date.

Fake Shirts
Sadly there is a down side to the hobby. Just as there has been an increase in demand for authentic match worn or issued shirts, collectors have now seen a huge increase in fake replica / constructed players shirts which are claimed to have been worn or issued. A high percentage of these fakes come from the far east and they have no more seen a club's kit room or a player's back as you or I came to playing in last seasons cup final! So as the true collectors market grows, unfortunately so does the forgery market. But help is at hand when attempting to cross the minefield for the real collectors.

The National Football Collection website (coming soon in 2010) will offer a full authentication and valuation service  as well as being a forum where genuine collectors can exchange buy and sell shirts, share their experience, expertise and offer & receive honest helpful advice with other serious collectors.

Certificate of Authenticity
With all purchases we issue a full and comprehensive certificate of authenticity. For security reasons this will be posted seperate to the shirt. The COA will outline all of the differences between replicas and match worn shirts for that style of kit. The COA will also contain a detailed description of the shirt itself including any match details where known. All of our COAs come with a lifetime money-back guarentee.

We do not only sell match worn shirts but we also stock a large selection of autographed football memorabilia for sale in our online shop. 

Why buy memorabilia from Your Heroes&Legends?
Sports memorabilia is now seen as an excellent investment for the future and due to the success of the Premiership, there is a massive interest in football. As a company we may have only been in the industry five years, but long before that we were and still are collectors ourselves. This gives us a greater understanding of you, our customer's needs. We offer all of our customers a professional and speedy service , with communication throughout your transaction a priority. This way you are continually kept updated as to the progress of you order. So rest assured we pride ourselves in you buying from YH&L, the genuine article, and although all our signed items come with a Certificate of Authenticity, we offer a 100% full and lifetime money back guarentee for your purchase. We have credibility, our reputation, and a good level of experience so buy from us with confidence.

How do i know it's a real autograph?
90% of our autographs are obtained in person by ourselves, mostly through private signing sessions. The rest are obtained only through four highly respected dealers in whom we have confidence and more importantly total trust. A large number of other people in the industry also source their signed memorabilia from the same contacts. Where ever possible we will show pictures of us or a member of one of our sources staff with the player(s) signing your item. So when we say we have done a signing - we can prove it! Because of this we are able to give our customers a 100% guarantee as to the items authenticity. Thats a 100% Authenticity guaranteed.  

Can you frame my item?
Yes we use a bespoke framing company, who we work very closely with and where the attention to detail is second to none. They are specialists in framing sports memorabilia and giving any item that superb final presentation, with clients from Premiership clubs and International sportsmen you know everything is done to the highest standards. We can frame any item, either your own or something you purchase from ourselves. Framing of your sports memorabilia, is an excellent finishing touch to show off that treasured item or investment piece . We will discuss various ways of displaying any or all of your collection and gladly quote you. Please ask, via email or telephone.

Can you deliver my purchased goods?
Yes. We are based in Hertfordshire England within an hour of the centre of London and with certain fragile items for a small additional fee, will be happy to safely deliver to your door.Items can be posted courier service and this additional charge will be added to your order (please look at postal costs on the web site).


So my shirt can be personalised or have my favourite player on it?
Yes you can have a shirt personalised, with a friends or your own name and favourite number for a special occasion. You can add your favourite players name and number in the official licensed replica FAPL letters and numbers. We do stock all the available to retail, official replica letters, numbers and sleeve badges that can be heat applied to your replica shirt.


You can organise my clubs Sportsmans Dinner then?
Our Events Management section of YH&L has come about because of the demand from football clubs for Dinners as an excellent and enjoyable way to raise funds. Having been organising these types of events for 5 years now, we as a company, bring alot of experience with us that can only help in making your event a success. Your package can range from providing auction items to the whole event. We can take away all the hassle, by providing a venue, a menu, your speakers, auction items and raffle prizes. You just tell us your budget and we can do the rest. All we can't do is sell the tickets!


Shirt of the month

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